Once upon a time, on the first road trip to the Great American Southwest, I found the landscape captivating and Native America even more fascinating....and wanted a reason to return to the southwest as often as possible.  As I continued exploring Native America, specifically arts and crafts, I wanted to share my finds with as many folks as possible.  And so..Nizhoni Southwest Spirit began.  I had two goals:  economic support for native artists and support for authentic native made arts and crafts.  So..no fakes, imposters or imports sold here--only the real deal by inspired Native American Artists.  I soon found an organization that was started to address the growing problem of misrepresentation in Native American Arts and joined IACA (Indian Arts and Crafts Association) in 1998.  IACA was a wonderful resource for Indian artists, wholesalers, retailers and collectors.  Although IACA dissolved in 2018, the mission remains:  ethical representation of authentic Native American Arts.

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owner, boss lady, turquoise queen on the loose, head honcho, organizer 

("Nizhoni" means beautiful in Navajo)

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"nizhoni" means "beautiful" in Navajo

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